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Tereza. 21 years old. Czech Republic. Dark and twisty inside. People's choice award winner (best tv fandom: SPNFamily). Proud Minion of Misha Collins. And yes, I am on tumblr because of Supernatural... don't judge me.

I love Misha Collins (aka the love of my life), Stiles Stilinski (aka the moon of my life) and Will Graham (aka my sun and stars) with all my heart.
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Robb Stark is dead.

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"Rick needs him. Respects him.”

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7x21: Reading is Fundamental


7x21: Reading is Fundamental 

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→ Purple Wedding + Words.

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And here we see Hawkeye, undercover and shooting a gun but still instinctively pulling a bowstring.

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"I don’t find you that interesting"

"I don’t wanna kill you anymore, Dr Lecter not now that i finally find you interesting.” -Will Graham

*i cry*

I don’t  s e r v e  your brother, your Grace

but you  l o v e  h i m

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jfc this cast is too precious. 

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You’re not genetically engineered; you’re a Vulcan. 
If I’m a Vulcan, then how do you explain my boyish smile? 

a julian photoset for juliansbashir

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