I collect church collapses.

This is multifandom blog. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Tereza. 21 years old. Czech Republic. Dark and twisty inside. People's choice award winner (best tv fandom: SPNFamily). Proud Minion of Misha Collins.

I love Misha Collins (the love of my life), Stiles Stilinski (the moon of my life) and Will Graham (my sun and stars) with all my heart.

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I want to see Mads trying to eat Hugh's arm
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HTGAWM + episode titles.

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Queens of Andes (by Jakub Polomski)

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*click* vote for In The Flesh pls

the last day of voting

we are really need a third season

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We’re in a marathon, and you’ve hit the wall but we have six more miles to go. We have to see this through.


Popradske Pleso, Slovakia (by noeleen.eu)

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Yeah, hey, so- I don’t have an ex, but there was this girl that I like. And I told her how I felt but she doesn’t feel the same way as I do, so she left.

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